The technology industry produces billions of electronic products every year, with dire consequences for our environment.


This is one of the reasons why, imobiles has as main objective to extend the useful life of devices already in circulation and to make refurbished products as reliable as desirable than new ones in Portugal.

At Immobilis, each device, before being classified by aesthetic category and sold, is updated with the latest version of the operating system, tested at various points and guaranteed 100% functional.


But regarding the aesthetic category of your future equipment, the decision will be yours! You can choose a refurbished equipment "as new", but you can also choose one with small signs of use, much cheaper but always sold with warranty.

Category Remarketed

Original equipment as new with 2 year warranty, new battery, sold fully functional and in a premium box with original charger, data cable and earphone.


Grade A,B ou C

Original equipment reconditioned with 1 year warranty and sold fully functional but which may have marks of use depending on its classification. (+ information here).


Sold in a generic box with accessories included..







Opte por um dispositivo recondicionado e seja #ecofriend, o nosso planeta agradece ...

a sua carteira também ;)